We are a work exchange organisation specialised in supporting people throughout their work and travel journey in New Zealand. Knowing how amazing this experience is, we want to take care of all the boring stuff and leave you to get started on the fun stuff! By giving thorough support and being there all the way we can ensure a smooth and amazing adventure for all our clients.

Rebecca (Bex) and Rosana

A Kiwi and a New Kiwi (originally from Brazil). Friends and colleagues. Both passionate about traveling, understanding new cultures, meeting new people and New Zealand. Sharing our experiences and helping people to make the most of their adventures drives us day to day and bring our business to life.

Photo describing Yep International Support owners

Bex – Director & Co-Founder

Bex has a passion for work and travel/cultural exchange that started with her own journey straight out of university when she lived and worked in Japan for 2 and a half years. It’s hard to believe that is almost 30 years ago!! Living and working for 2 years in the UK, 3 years in the USA and a snowboarding season in the Okanagan in Canada has helped fuel this passion. The travel to 29 other countries (so far!) has helped too!

Having worked for 23 years (and counting) in cultural exchange and international education, both here in NZ and overseas, she truly believes that everyone should live within another community at some point in their lives – be it as a volunteer, international student or on a work/travel or cultural exchange program. The benefits are enormous and it really opens up a world of possibility, tolerance, acceptance, knowledge and cultural understanding – not to mention it is a whole lot of fun!

Welcoming young people on their journey into Aotearoa is a real privilege and one Bex loves being a part of everyday! So what are you waiting for??

Photo describing Yep International Support owners

Rosana – Director & Co-Founder

Rosana is a new Kiwi having lived in New Zealand since 2009. Originally from Brazil, she came to New Zealand to study English and for new opportunities. She loved it so much she stayed! With a Post graduate qualification in Finance from Brazil and in Business from New Zealand, she also believes in the power of education and cultural exchange and knows that it changes the world!

She works with education and supporting people in New Zealand since 2013, using her own experience as a foreigner to help people finding their path, without going to so many troubles as she did when she arrived with no support.

She embraces life and its challenge with good energy and positive thinking.

Traveling, meeting new people and understanding new cultures is something she is passionate about. That’s why she loves her role at YepIS where she is able to create a strategy that helps people to achieve their goals while working and traveling.

“ Yes! New Zealand is an amazing country just like you see in the movies. Come and see for yourself! We have got your back!” Rosana Melo


To provide guidance and services that empowers people and promotes life changing experiences.



To be the best support organisation in the country, providing a memorable and amazing experience for each and every stakeholder.



  1. We walk the talk, believing and delivering according to our mission
  2. Only high standard customer service is allowed
  3. Positive attitude, fun, and gratitude all the way
  4. We go above and beyond to ensure the participant is having the time of their life
  5. No B…S here, we are straight forward, transparent, innovative and we get things done
  6. Value for money is paramount and with Yep IS your investment will be well worth the price tag.