Work and Travel in New Zealand – Maren’s journey

Nov 26, 2019 | 0 comments

We all know New Zealand is the place to be. From beautiful beaches to unique places where big movies have been filmed, there is plenty to see. Our participant Maren has shared with us a bit of her experience thus far, so let’s check it out.

One of her first impressions was that Auckland didn’t impress herself. Even though we love it here, her opinion is understandable as it can look like just another big city. However, she says that the decision to come and travel around here was surely a good call and it’s just been confirmed as she has been seeing how stunning the country is.

What about feeling lonely? Surely that is something we all fear when traveling out to such a distant place, but Meran was surprised by how this did not affect her at all. Of course she had the butterflies before flying in, but quickly after arriving she says she’s met a bunch of cool people which are already close to her. One other important point is that she believes kiwis are very friendly. We are in fact, eh?

Regarding her work experience, Meran has already had her time in the famous fruit farms where you can pick, pack and do other stuff. Right now she is working at a ranch and she is complete connection with nature, animals and all of that. It does seem lovely!