Overcoming homesickness during the Work & Travel

Jan 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Traveling is a great experience. It is about exploring, learning and self developing. Basically there are many different feelings involved with traveling, but almost certainly one of them will hit you at some point: homesickness. That mix of sadness and tightness in the chest when we are reminded of a particular encounter with friends and family, it is not an easy one to deal with. Especially at some specific dates like your birthday and other festive family holidays, homesickness will be there nagging us. 

That being said, who’s to argue that homesickness is too bad? In fact, feeling it is totally normal. More importantly, how you deal with it is part of your journey of learning more about yourself. If you are in that homesickness moment and it is lingering for longer than you’d like to, here are a few tips to overcome this.

1. Make new friends – As obvious as this may sound, it is very important to surround yourself with meaningful relationships. Making friends means having someone to listen to your woes if necessary, someone to have fun with and to get your mind focusing on something else. The Yep IS programme is great for that because on your first day meeting new people – and folks that are in the same boat as you – it’s a given, so that is bound to help. 

2. Keep in touch – Call your family and friends back home, keep in touch with them. But not too often! You don’t want to be living here and having your mind elsewhere at all times. Although hard, trying to find the right balance here is very important.

3. Take a day off – Sometimes it is good to have a free time for yourself. If you’re feeling too homesick that can lead to stress, which is not good at all. Take a day off, go to the beach – or the mountains if you’d rather being at cooler spots – and unwind, read a book, write down your feelings, eat something nice, just enjoy yourself and remember that life is too short not to be appreciated. Carpe diem is a way of life!