Summer in New Zealand

Feb 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Summer is hands down the best time to be in New Zealand. There are heaps of activities to do! From taking a ferry over to Waiheke Island and exploring all the beautiful beaches and wineries, snorkeling the Bay of Islands, checking out the amazing black sand beaches on the west coast and wandering thorugh all the stunning waterfall hikes. You will never get bored in summer and that is a promise.

Where to do water sports?

Auckland in general is actually quite big and there are some amazing places to explore. The North Shore is anything considered over the ‘ bridge’ which I am sure if you have been in Auckland for a bit you would have heard people saying this. Heading to the North Shore coast is honestly the best part of Auckland. You can check out Takapuna and the weekend farmers markets, Long Bay regional park, or head up to Orewa  which is an amazing beach town and has a very long beach. Heading further north are Goat Island and Tawharanui, these are a divers and snorkelers paradise! They are both marine reserves so fishing is not allowed, which means heaps of fish and a lot of diversity. You can get cheap snorkel gear from The Warehouse, but remember you get what you pay for. If you think you will be snorkling a lot then it is best to head to a dive shop and get some gear there. If you want to do a nice boat ride and see some dolphins and orcas Bay of Islands would be the place to go! You can do the famous hole in the wall boat tour. Check out grabeone and bookme for some cheap deals!

Hiking in Summer

You will notice the sun is very STRONG in summer. It is strong even when it is not summer, but with high temperatures it is very important to wear heaps on sunscreen and always have heaps of water on you. A lot of hikes are not shaded so you will get hot! Head over to Coromandel and do the Pinnacles hike, you stay in a hut over night and get rewarded with some amazing sunrise views. Also Piha has an amazing waterfall so after a long hot day at the beach you can cool off with some cold refreshing water. This is for sure a must if you are around Auckland! If you are in Orewa then you will want to drive 10 minutes further north and go to Wenderholm park. There you can have a bbq and also lay on the sand and swim. After a great sunbathe you can do the hike right next to the beach and get rewarded with some amazing views.

So overall there is no shortage of things to do in summer. So get your togs and jandals and head off!