Svenja, 27

Check out Svenja’s adventure around New Zealand and how Yep IS has helped her throughout all of her moments in the country. 

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I had an amazing time in New Zealand! From the very first moment I felt welcome and very well taken care of. The YEP team was so kind and friendly and they went out of their way to make sure that we simply have an amazing time. It’s been really helpful and a huge relief to know that there is always a place you can go to; no matter if we had any questions, wanted to store some luggage or simply wanted to cover some waiting time in the office. Besides it’s been really great to meet other backpackers and hang out together. I’d definitely recommend YEP and would choose them again!

Mischa, 19

Yep IS has helped me in finding a job and much more. From the orientation session onwards you can feel the support during the whole program!

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To help me planning my journey in New Zealand and finding some work, it was definitely the right decision to go to the organization Yep! IS in Auckland. In a great orientation I got to know how I can travel through the country, which gorgeous places I must see during my trip and how I manage my everyday life without any income.
For finding a job it is very useful to have an organization like Yep! IS because they show to you all the ways to find some, what you have to consider and how you organize it.
All in all Yep! IS really helps you to get a great start with your working holiday, gives to you very useful advices and tells you everything you have to know about it.
My first job here is working on a Kiwi farm, which is a very flexible job. I got it from Yep! IS and it is the best option to earn as much money as possible in only a couple of weeks. The managers of the farms and the supervisors always are very friendly and helpful.
Thank you Yep! IS for everything, I only can recommend it, so that you will have a great time here as well and be well-prepared for your trip like me.

Bjoern, 19

Meet Bjoern! He is currently staying on a dairy farm near Waihi and would like to share his #yepstory with you…

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On the farm I help with milking the cows and feeding the calves. There are around 720 cows and 170 calves on the farm at the moment. One of my favourite parts of the job is riding the farm bikes. Because of the size of the farm we get around on motorbikes and quad bikes. To milk the cows we first have to get them from the paddock to the milking sheds. I drive a quad bike behind the cows and herd them towards the milking shed. I found the job on one of the backpacker job sites and I am so glad I did! I am having a really great time here. On my days off I often go surfing at Waihi beach with the farmer’s brother. It is a really great spot to be in!

Chiara, 19

Chiara started off her New Zealand adventure working at Blue Duck Station as an Eco Warrior…

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Following the completion of this WWOOFing stay she got a job working on a small sheep and beef farm near Kaikohe. “I am working on a small sheep and beef farm near Kaikohe. Myself, along with 2 other girls, are working and living on the farm with the owners, a lovely Kiwi couple in their sixties. In the morning our duties involve driving around the farm feeding cows and horses hay from the back of a truck. Afternoons are spent in the garden or helping out in the kitchen preparing meals. Once work is over we often ride the horses on the farm or drive to nearby town Kerikeri. I plan to stay 2 more weeks on the farm. We are definitely having an amazing time here and can’t wait to explore the rest of New Zealand!”