Three benefits for your Work and Travel with us

Dec 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Hey folks!

We have interviewed Hanne, our first dutch participant, and she had a few good things to say about us. We are always talking about the advantages of coming to New Zealand under our guidance and how your work and travel experience is going to be made easier, but how about hear it from a participant’s point of view?

Below we are going to list the top three things Hanne found most helpful. Here we go:

1. Opening up a bank account – In her own words “For most people that come to NZ it takes like two weeks to open a bank account. So that means you have to wait more and come back to one place. With your services it was done in one day”. That sounds about right. Why lose precious time of your trip and stress about this when you can have it the easy way?

2. Orientation day – Since you are going to come to New Zealand, it is most likely a lot of research will be done. But even so, there are some things that won’t be found and we are here to get you informed and prepared. Hanne mentioned that the presentation has actually encouraged her on going WOOFing and even camping!

3. Meet people and make friends – Each and every week we are receiving new participants. That means you are going to meet people riding the same boat you are. Like Hanne said “the first day you meet a group of people in the same situation, witch makes it really easy to make some friends”. Nothing like starting off on the right foot.

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